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Torilis japonica Upright Hedge Parsley, Erect hedgeparsley (annual, cooked as potherb) Torilis japonica Upright Hedge Parsley, Erect hedgeparsley (annual, cooked as potherb).Torilis japonica (erect hedgeparsley), Bee Flower Color: Blue-Green, Flower Color: White, Flower Type: Hermaphrodite, Height: 39 inches (1 m), Lifespan: Annual, Light.Afia, bebero, berobero, coffeetree, geranium aralia, geranium-leaf aralia, Guilfoylei panax, hedge panax, kaope pa, kapaie, ndanindani, tagitagi, tanetane.Erect Centella (Centella erecta) is found from Virginia to Florida and west to eastern Texas. C. erecta of southern United States is very close to C. asiatica of the Old World. C. erecta of southern United States is very close to C. asiatica of the Old World.Spreading hedge-parsley is an annual plant, but may occasionally occur as a biennial, and flowers from July to September (2).

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Common names of plants vary widely from region to region, from person to person, and from book to book.

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Beach Dune and Swale Complexes (K. D. Herman 1996) Sand prairies.Been looking for stickyburr, and find that it is Torilis arvensis, commonly known as hedge parsley.

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Erect leaves with scalloped margins on a long petiole in the center of an umbrella like leaf.

Dispersal is carried out by animals, the seeds germinate in autumn or spring, and are able to stay dormant in the soil for a number of years (1).

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The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and are pollinated by Insects, self.The plant is self-fertile.

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Our newest product, Life Forms of the World - A Comprehensive Life Form App is a summary of over 14,000 species in a single image format.It is in flower from Jul to August, and the seeds ripen from Aug to September.The tasty leaves are held on strong erect stems and may be added to soups, salads and many other dishes. 78 days.


Torilis japonica, the erect hedgeparsley, upright hedge-parsley or Japanese hedge parsley, is a plant species in the genus Torilis.

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Hedge hyssop is a bitter, pungent and diuretic herb that stimulates both the heart and uterus and has strong laxative properties.

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Description: Erect, winter annual weed with pinnately compound leaves and white flowers that grow in umbels.Other Common Names: From various places around the Web, may not be correct. See below.MMWD Somewhat Complete Species List Adoxaceae - Azollaceae Page 1 of 40 The basis for this list is an illustrated plant list made by Calflora: Information on California plants for education, research and.The output was limited to keep things from getting bogged down.Its fruits are small and very persistent burrs that stick to clothing and animal fur.

This species must not be mistaken with others of similar sounding names such as wild garlic and hedge mustard.Page designed through the cooperative efforts of interagency ITIS Teams.These definitions serve as good starting points for distinguishing between trees and shrubs, but, as with most things, there are exceptions.Parsley. Parsley is an erect, biennial or short lived perennial herb.

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Two cultivars of parsley exist: a curly leaf type and a flat leaf type.Erect hedge-parsley is native to Europe and Asia, and highly invasive in North America.The plant belongs to the same family as foxglove and has the same heart stimulating effect as both plants contain the toxic cardiac glycosides.