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A new technology might initially only be marketable to a small set of consumers at a.Growth hormone is synthesized and secreted by anterior pituitary cells called somatotrophs.Trunk diameter growth occurs as a result of another meristem already mentioned called the vascular cambium.

If consumers have no high demand, growth is slow or stagnant.Definition: The compound annual growth rate, also called CAGR, is the return on investment over a period of time.Logistic population growth occurs when the growth rate decreases as the population reaches carrying capacity.

Before birth, the key measure is the crown-rump length -- the distance from the top of the head (the crown) to the buttocks (the rump.In British Columbia, Canada, old growth is defined as 120 to 140 years of age in the interior of the province where fire is a frequent and natural occurrence.For example, one might compare sales in 2009 to those in 2008.It is a good indicator of the rate at which companies have grown profits.

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Definition of personal growth from the Collins English Dictionary The interrogative The interrogative is normal for many questions.We watch for changes in the size of head circumference in infancy because we want to know that the brain is growing.

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Growth hormone: Growth hormone, peptide hormone secreted by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland.

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The GDP growth rate measures how fast the economy is growing.

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A condition in which a population neither grows nor declines, because the number of births in a year equals the number of deaths.The changes in height of the developing child can be thought of in two different ways: the height attained at successive ages and the increments in height from one age to the next, expressed as rate of.Collections increased 20 percent in the first year of ownership, 22 percent in the second year of ownership, 8 percent in the third year of ownership and 7 percent in the fourth.Medical Definition of Normal growth rate Normal growth rate: The speed with which normal growth occurs in length before birth and in height after birth.It measures a true return on an investment by calculating the year over year returns, compounding them, and considering the investment values.In broad terms, an increase in real GDP is interpreted as a sign that the economy is doing well.


Growth in GDP is what matters, and the U.S. GDP growth has historically averaged about 2.5-3% per year but with substantial deviations.Definition of growth. 2a: something that grows or has grown a growth of willowsb: an abnormal proliferation of tissue (such as a tumor)c: outgrowthd: the result of growth: product Protestantism was a relatively recent growth.

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Global human population growth amounts to around 75 million annually, or 1.1% per year.Definition: Year-over-year is a comparison of a statistic for one period to the same period the previous year.Growth of an organism may stop at maturity, as in the case of humans and other mammals, or it may continue throughout life, as in many plants.

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LIFE EXPECTANCY Life expectancy at a specific age is the average number of additional years a person of that age.Finally, the annual average growth rate is the average of year-over-year percentage changes reported during a year.